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Far Eastern Philological Journal

All materials corresponding to the subject of the journal and the rules of registration are reviewed by specialists in the relevant field in the order of double-blind peer review. Members of the editorial board, editorial board and highly qualified domestic and foreign specialists are involved as reviewers. When reviewing, the relevance, scientific novelty of the research, reference to scientific sources, the use of modern methods of scientific research, the correctness of citation, style and compliance with the design rules are taken into account. Responsible specialists check the text of the article for the presence of incorrect borrowings (plagiarism) using the Antiplagiarism system after reviewing the article. By decision of the editorial board, the manuscript may be accepted for publication, rejected or returned to the author for revision. The revised version of the article is re-reviewed. The author receives notice of the decision of the editorial board in writing within two months after the submission of the manuscript. If it is necessary to finalize the article, the author is sent an abbreviated text of the review with constructive comments without indicating the name, position and place of work of the reviewer. In case of rejection of the article from publication, the author is sent a reasoned refusal. The editors do not enter into a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of the submitted materials. Submitted materials are transferred to the editorial archive and are not returned to the author. The original reviews are kept in the editorial office of the journal for five years. The journal does not charge a fee for the publication of materials. Authors are not paid royalties.